You will experience

An unforgettable adventure!

  1. The landscape, stunning effects and shocking scenes of the scene will allow you to enjoy the atmosphere.
  2. Not only are you solving puzzles, you are getting to know the story of a true detective.
  3. You will have a great time with your friends, family, colleagues.
  4. Lots of fun and a good mood guaranteed! It is an hour when you will completely forget your daily routine!
Team building

A great way to unite the collective

We all would like to be called “This is a good boss” … This is a great opportunity to get this title for ourselves. 🙂 Bring your team to Exitgame and create a team spirit, gaining valuable communication skills, organizational and critical thinking.

After completing the task, you will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team, as well as the individual abilities and skills of each team member to work in a team.

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A game for all ages!

Our game will fit:

Friends & Family

Share a stunning adventure with your family and friends!


An idea for an unusual and fun date


Bored and looking for new challenges?

Team building

A reunion event to motivate and increase team spirit!
Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your questions

What is exitgame?

Exitgame is an escape room game

During the game, you will be trapped in the room for a certain amount of time, and you and your team will have to try to figure out how to escape and solve various puzzles and logical tasks. The room has pointers, code doors, and hidden objects.

How much does the game cost?

The price of the game is a 60 EUR from the team

If I'm late, will I be able to play?

The playing time is strictly defined as one game lasts 60 minutes. Other players come after you, so your reservation will have to be rescheduled.

I need to reschedule my reservation!

If you are unable to arrive at the agreed time, we will arrange another time!

How many players can participate in the game?

The number of players in the game is 2 to 6

Do I have to reserve a game in advance?

All games are booked in advance.

Are there horror elements in the game?

How long does the game take?

60 minutes

Is there an age limit?

Do I need to arrive sooner?

You should arrive at the game 5 minutes before the start

Do I need special clothing or equipment?

The game does not require special clothing and equipment

Are there any special rules?

Do not carry cell phones or other smart devices with you when you enter the game. This is because the answers are not searched on the Internet, and because it is forbidden to take photos and film indoors.

Devices can be left in the waiting room

Gift card

Impressions are the best gift!

A gift card can become a great gift for a special person.

The gift card will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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